We all know that this kind of creature which is the silverfish is not that very dangerous and scary to look but they are a little bit unpleasant to look at and see especially for our kids. No matter that they are not that very dangerous but they can still carry some germs and bacteria to our house and may lead to some serious skin irritation and illnesses. Some might be thinking of using a pest control St George Utah in order to make sure that even just one kind of silverfish won’t have the chance to get inside of your house. Here are some of the at home steps and ideas to make sure that they won’t go back to your place anymore. You may actually kill them immediately by using the pesticides and other solution. You may find other alternative ways that it can be safe for all the family in your house.

1. You have to know where do they come from. You need to inspect every corner of you house about their favorite place to hide and live. Most of the silverfish would live and have their food by living in the books or magazines that we have in our house. Places that are considered wet, sticky or even darker spots. They are said to be living and active during the night time. If you have a basement or storage room. You can actually look for that place and try to inspect every area and corner now as they might be living there and create infestation in the future. They are everywhere like bedroom, bathroom and even to your own kitchen. Make sure to throw all those boxes that you don’t need as they could be the one to cause silverfish in your house.

2. Others would usually trap this kind of pest in their home by making their own trapping device. You may use a wide mouth jar and then you need to cover the glass or container with a white type of tape. You may need a small piece of bread placed inside the jar. You need to put this container to an area where you know silverfish lives. That insect would automatically climb up to the covered tape and slide when they reach the top part of the glass. It would be very hard for them to get out as the inside wall of the glass is too slippery for them to climb up.

3. Some would use a roll of newspaper. They have to put some water or splash water to the newspaper and then put these newspapers to an area where you think silverfish is hiding then the next morning burn the newspaper. Most of the silverfish would go inside of the rolling newspapers as it serves as good and home for them.

4. If you want to get rid of them immediately. You only need to buy a spray that is not so harsh when it comes to the smell and make sure to do it during the day time when no one is at home.