Reasons to Vacuum Your Carpet Weekly

Vacuum Cleaning Your Home is Essential for Good Health 

If you feel like vacuum cleaning your house is a highly time-consuming task and tedious chore, then you are one of those many homeowners who feel the same way. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of things that you would rather be handling than having to spend time vacuuming your carpet. However, even if you are not fully motivated by the fact that it lets you exercise as you pull the vacuum cleaner around the house, you need to consider other health advantages which a clean may give. 


Health Advantages Brought About by Vacuum Cleaning 

Whenever you clean your home using the vacuum cleaner, you are not really cleaning your entire apartment or home just for the sake of the appearance, you are only keeping yourself and your family from health diseases and other risks.  

In addition to that, there are a lot of tiny microorganisms that are floating around that may cause dozens of health problems for persons with inhalant-related and asthma allergies like hay fever. Molds, bacteria and dust mites attack our respiratory system of an asthma sufferer which makes them cough violently during night times, having difficulty of breathing and making them wheeze. Aside from that, when some people with hay fever (sometimes called the allergic rhinitis) come into contact with bacteria and dust mites, they all experience some discomforts of the bad cold: itchy watery eyes, chest congestion as well as coughing. The accumulation of dander (the dead skin cells which animals usually shed) and pet hair may cause someone with pet allergies skin, respiratory and nasal symptoms such as rashes, coughing and sneezing. 

Incomplete or infrequent carpet cleaning may cause adverse reactions to someone who is very sensitive to dust, dander and other forms of debris which collects on rugs and carpets. Thorough and constant vacuum cleaning is a must and should not be taken for granted. Although it is not possible to totally sanitize the carpet and rug fibers, with proper attention may definitely lessen the nature of the symptom outbreak. 

Physical Benefits of Vacuum Cleaning 

There are a lot of real physical advantages provided by vacuuming cleaning your carpets as well as your home consistently. Many believe that people that are the most active and healthiest are those who have the cleanest homes. In fact, one case study suggests that maintaining the cleanliness of their apartments and homes can be better to their total health well-being than exercises and long walks. By doing vacuum cleaning constantly, you actually get an exercise and get rid of some embedded health risks at the same time. 

Thus, if you have friends or families which live with you who have some sort of allergies, you may take satisfaction from having known that by constant vacuum cleaning, you are making a healthier, better living environment for them.  

And lastly, it is very important for us to regularly clean the house with a vacuuming cleaner in order to avoid certain problems such as skin allergies and worse, respiratory hazards. Or, better yet, consider hiring qualified carpet and upholstery cleaning professionals in your area in order to make sure that the job will be done efficiently. 

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How to Make Your Carpet Last

Our carpets are important furnishing of our home, and we invest quite a lot of money to have a good one. Carpets give us that extra comfort that we usually crave when we are away from home. Carpets also provide a feeling of luxury, as it improves the overall appearance of our interiors.  

With the investment we have paid for our carpet and also the benefits they give us, it is important for us to prolong their lives and get the maximum out from them. Prolonging the life of our carpets doesn’t involve any magic, all it takes is consistency and commitment from us. Here is a list of how to make your carpet last.  


1. Vacuum Often and Properly

One of the commitment if you have to take when having a carpet is to vacuum it often and properly. Doing this commitment will surely prolong your carpet’s life. Dust and dirt are its number one enemy, and if you vacuum it often, the dust and dirt will not settle deeply, which makes it harder to remove. If you have kids at home, you should vacuum at least twice a week, and if you have kids and pets, you should vacuum at least thrice a week.  

2. Keep the Dirt Out

As mentioned, dirt and dust is the number one enemy of our carpets. There are several ways to keep the dirt out, which is very important to make your carpet last. One method is to establish a rule in your household that all footwears like shoes and sandals should be left outside. Buy a pair of slippers for each member of your household, for them to wear inside the home. 

Another way to keep the dirt out is to have a rug waiting on your doorstep. The rug’s role would be to filter the dirt and dust that came from outside. The rug would considerably reduce dirt and dust that comes inside your home. 

3. Rotate your Furniture

One clever way to maintain the good condition of your carpets is to rotate your furniture. Aside from dirt and dust, what ruins our carpet is the constant wear and tear it receives from foot traffic. When we rotate our furniture, we create new pathways, and we expose different areas of carpets to use. Because if the placement of our furniture remains static, a certain surface of our carpet would certainly wear off quickly, giving an ugly and uneven look.  

4. Clean Stains Immediately

When someone stains your carpet with liquid or from food, don’t clean it as soon as possible, clean it immediately! When you leave stains for later, it would settle in the fabric of the carpet and will become stubborn to remove.  

5. Hire Professionals

No matter how we stay dedicated to the maintenance of our carpets, we would still face times where we are just too busy to clean our carpets. During this times, you can ask help from professional cleaners, which can be contacted here It is wise to hire these professionals at least a couple of occasions in a year, or several more times if you prefer because these professionals know their trade and they will certainly do the best possible treatment your carpet will ever receive from you. 

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Things to Do to Make Your Carpet Clean and How You Can Benefit From It

When it comes to cleaning your carpets, normal vacuuming is usually not enough as it can only eliminate loose dirt and dust from your carpet. In order to make sure that you can be able to get the benefits of having a clean carpet in your home, you should both regularly vacuum your carpet flooring in a daily manner as well as have it professionally treated and deep cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning service provider.


Generally, most professional carpet cleaning companies use highly pressurized cleaning solutions in order to disintegrate greasy and oily matters in the surface of your carpet fibers. They are also knowledgeable and trained on how to eliminate unwanted allergens and remove stains that have set deeply in your carpet without creating any damage to your precious possession.

Before you hire a professional carpet cleaning service and obtain Tile and Grout cleaning, it is very essential that you note what kinds of chemicals they use and learn if these chemicals can have any effect to the human health. It is imperative that your chose professional carpet cleaning service provider only uses eco-friendly solutions and chemicals. Therefore, make sure to look for a professional carpet cleaning company that is reputable, experienced and highly trusted.

Aside from hiring a professional carpet cleaning company, you should also do your part to keep your carpet clean at all times by allocating at least a few minutes of your time in vacuuming your carpets daily. This will not only keep your carpet clean all the time, but it will extend the life of your carpet as well.

Now that you have already learned the things that you should do in order to keep your carpet clean, here are the reasons why you should do so. Below, you will learn some of the many benefits of keeping your carpet flooring clean at all times. Keeping your carpet clean will extremely improve the quality of air you have indoor that can be very beneficial to your property and family in these following ways:

1. Reduced Odors

If you cook a lot in your home or carry out activities that can make the indoor of your house dirty, odors will always be your potential problems. Bad odors can really have a negative effect on you and your family’s thoughts, behaviors and mood. In addition to that, bad smell can certainly leave you irritable, grumpy, and unproductive.

On the other hand, relaxing good smells such as citrus, flowers and chamomile can help in improving your mood, reducing your stress as well as lowering your heart rate.

2. Balanced Humidity

A good air quality indoor can also give you a good humidity balance. Humidity, which refers to the amount of water present in the air, can be able to affect all aspect in your environment. Too much humidity will make breathing feel heavy. Aside from that, it can make your house feel moist and stuffy. The extra moisture can also cause mold growth. This is the reason why you should make sure that your carpets are clean at all times.

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